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Sauce Labs: Cloudified Browser Testing

by gregg
Deploy faster and safer with Sauce’s arsenal of test tools. Videos. Screenshots. Breakpoints. Metadata—all with 96+ browser/OS platforms on a secure, scalable instant cloud.


Free RegEx Testing Tool for MacOSX, Windows, and Linux

by nhoizey
"RegExr Desktop is a tool for learning, editing, and testing regular expressions (RegEx or RegExp for short) on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. "



by ycc2106 & 18 others
Your website through the eyes of a Mac ? Browsrcamp allows you to test the compatibility of your design with Mac OS X browsers.

Alkaline - Litmus

by nhoizey
Alkaline tests your website designs across 17 different Windows browsers right from your Mac desktop in seconds. No need for virtual machines, Windows licenses, or any messing around with Windows Update.

Alkaline - Litmus

by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
Alkaline tests your website designs across 17 different Windows browsers right from your Mac desktop in seconds.

Silverback - guerrilla usability testing

by nhoizey & 2 others
Silverback makes it easy, quick and cheap for everyone to perform guerilla usability tests with no setup and no expense, using hardware already in your Mac.


With Browsershot it takes a click to test your web design in different browsers | Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux

by parmentierf
rowsershots is a web application that offers the fastest way to check your web design in different browsers – it does so in less than 10 minutes and eliminates the need to jump from one operating system to the other. This web application takes thumbnails of webpages on the Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac platforms and deploys over 50 different browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Opera, Navigator, Safari – and many other unknown browsers.


by temps & 10 others, 3 comments
IE 5, IE 6 et IE 7 pour mac Attention seulement pour ceux qui ont des processeurs intel :-(

Mac Virtualization Benchmarking

by nhoizey
Parallels Desktop est plus rapide que VMWare Fusion avec Windows XP, mais plus lent avec Windows Vista. Qui voudrait de Vista de toute façon ? ;-)



MacPlus :: Test du MacBook : un vrai Pro ?

by nhoizey
Nous venons de tester le tout nouveau MacBook sorti des usines de Cupertino. Cet ordinateur nomade se positionne comme le successeur de l’iBook, et donc de facto comme un ordinateur portable de la gamme grand public. Or, au vu des caractéristiques techniques et de la machine en elle-même, nous pouvons nous poser la question de savoir pourquoi elle ne serait pas non plus affublée du suffixe « Pro » elle aussi...


by rmaltete & 9 others
Mac Screenshot Compatibility Test. How does your website look on Apple Safari ? Enter your URL in the box above and click View. SafariTest will return a screenshot of your page as viewed with Safari.

2005 | SafariTest | Mac Screenshot Compatibility Test

by 1ee & 12 others
可以把任何站点在Safari下的样子生成一个截图 | SafariTest | Mac Screenshot Compatibility Test

by Country & 13 others
Générateur de screenshot de votre site sous Safari

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