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Test de prix sur Internet !

by lang
Avant une décision d'achat, Testdeprix vous aide à comparer les prix en matériel informatique, appareils photos, mode, et bien plus encore

Comparer les prix c'est naturel sur Internet !

by lang
Moteur de comparaison de prix, Testdeprix vous aide à rechercher, comparer et cibler les produits aux meilleurs prix dans tous les univers marchands



Test de débit DegroupTest (bande passante)

by Elryk & 2 others
Permet de tester la vitesse de votre connexion Internet à partir d'une interface flash très réussi.

Down for everyone or just me?

by alphoenix & 9 others
Check if a website is down for anyone or just for the asker.

Chatterbots, Tinymuds, and the Turing Test

by parmentierf
The Turing Test was proposed by Alan Turing in 1950; he called it the Imitation Game. In 1991 Hugh Loebner started the Loebner Prize competition, offering a $100,000 prize to the author of the first computer program to pass an unrestricted Turing test. Annual competitions are held each year with smaller prizes for the best program on a restricted Turing test. This paper describes the development of one such Turing System, including the technical design of the program and its performance on the first three Loebner Prize competitions. We also discuss the program's four year development effort, which has depended heavily on constant interaction with people on the Internet via Tinymuds (multiuser network communication servers that are a cross between role-playing games and computer forums like CompuServe). Finally, we discuss the design of the Loebner competition itself, and address its usefulness in furthering the development of Artificial Intelligence.

With Browsershot it takes a click to test your web design in different browsers | Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux

by parmentierf
rowsershots is a web application that offers the fastest way to check your web design in different browsers – it does so in less than 10 minutes and eliminates the need to jump from one operating system to the other. This web application takes thumbnails of webpages on the Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac platforms and deploys over 50 different browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Opera, Navigator, Safari – and many other unknown browsers.


Test de la tablette internet Nokia N800 - Presse-citron - Le blog

by parmentierf
La Nokia N800 est un véritable ordinateur de poche hybride tournant avec un système d'exploitation Open source basé sur Linux, situé à mi-chemin entre un PDA et un UMPC, dont les fonctions principales sont un accès à internet, mais également un média center portable très complet permettant de lire audio et vidéo dans d'excellentes conditions.

Test d'éligibilité ADSL. Actualités Internet. La technique pour bien surfer sur Internet en ADSL

by cbn19
Test d'éligibilité ADSL. Actualités Internet. Comment bien paramétrer son installation téléphonique et ADSL.


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