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Adobe Marketplace - Offering Detail

by nhoizey
Contrast-A allows users to interact with a 3-dimensional RGB color space, experiment with color combinations, check the contrast according to both WCAG 2.0 and 1.0 and see the results for different types of color deficiency.

Mock Your Ajax Requests with Mockjax for Rapid Development | Enterprise jQuery

by nhoizey
The mockjax plugin is a development and testing tool for intercepting and simulating ajax requests made with jQuery with a minimal impact on changes to production code.

this, is boomerang

by nhoizey
"boomerang is a piece of javascript that you add to your web pages, where it measures the performance of your website from your end user's point of view"

padraic's mockery at master - GitHub

by ghis & 1 other (via)
Une librairie pour créer facilement des mocks à utiliser pour les tests unitaires.

Search for 'Web development' on the featured items of Google Chrome extension gallery.

by ghis
Complement Google Chrome’s developer tools with extensions, to make web development faster and more efficient. Edit HTML, test your pages on various screen resolutions, improve the performance of your apps and more -- all directly from the browser.

Dummy Image Generator Is the Lorem Ipsum of Images - web development - Lifehacker

by ghis (via)
Lorem ipsum is a block of dummy text in Latin often used in design and publishing to fill space in a mockup. The brilliant Dummy Image Generator is like "lorem ipsum" for images.

Free RegEx Testing Tool for MacOSX, Windows, and Linux

by nhoizey
"RegExr Desktop is a tool for learning, editing, and testing regular expressions (RegEx or RegExp for short) on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. "


Web Designer Notebook » How to use Modernizr

by nhoizey
Modernizr doesn’t actually magically enable CSS3 properties for browsers that don’t support them. It just tells the page whether that feature is supported on the browser the visitor is using or not.

Web Performance Best Practices

by nhoizey & 1 other
When you profile a web page with Page Speed, it evaluates the page's conformance to a number of different rules. These rules are general front-end best practices you can apply at any stage of web development. We provide documentation of each of the rules here

Page Speed Home

by nhoizey
Page Speed is an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on. Webmasters and web developers can use Page Speed to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.


A vos tests prêt... partez : SPIP 2.0.0 beta est dans les bacs

by nhoizey
Lachez vos beta testeurs sur cette nouvelle mouture de SPIP, qu'elle soit parfaite pour sa sortie officielle !

Tamper Data :: Modules pour Firefox

by nhoizey
Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters..

QUnit - jQuery JavaScript Library

by nhoizey
QUnit is the unit testrunner for the jQuery project. It got promoted to a top-level project in May 2008 to make it easier to use in other projects, with focus on jQuery UI. Every plugin developer can leverage the testsuite to unit test their code.

Litmus: Painlessly test your email and website designs

by nhoizey & 9 others
Litmus shows you precisely how your designs will be seen by your customers. We deliver screenshots of your web sites and email newsletters in seconds across all popular platforms.


Ajaxian » TIBCO GI Performance Profiler

by nhoizey
TIBCO has released a new open source Ajax Performance Profiler that aims to answer the questions: How long did it take that service to respond? ...did it take for that component to render? ...that data to parse? ...for that function to execute?

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