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February 2006

Iraq's death squads: On the brink of civil war

by mikepower
Most of the corpses in Baghdad's mortuary show signs of torture and execution. And the Interior Ministry is being blamed.

Jasem al-Aqrab: The Basra video should lay to rest a scurrilous lie

by mikepower
Since April 2003, the people of Basra have consistently been bemused by reports that they and their city enjoy a state of calm and stability under the command of the British forces, in contrast to the north of Iraq and the so-called Sunni triangle.

January 2006

Guardian: Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq

by mikepower
An official assessment drawn up by the US foreign aid agency depicts the security situation in Iraq as dire, amounting to a "social breakdown" in which criminals have "almost free rein".

The Huffington Post: Cost Of Iraq Could Top $2 Trillion...

by mikepower
The cost of the Iraq war could top $2 trillion, far above the White House's pre-war projections, when long-term costs such as lifetime health care for thousands of wounded U.S. soldiers are included

January 2005

War Created Haven, CIA Advisers Report

by mikepower
Iraq has replaced Afghanistan as the training ground for the next generation of "professionalized" terrorists, according to a report released yesterday by the National Intelligence Council, the CIA director's think tank.

Special reports: Bush under fire over human rights

by mikepower
America's human rights abuses have provided a rallying cry for terrorists and set a bad example to regimes seeking to justify their own poor rights records, a leading independent watchdog said yesterday.

December 2004

Israel shocked by image of soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblock

by mikepower
Of all the revelations that have rocked the Israeli army over the past week, perhaps none disturbed the public so much as the video footage of soldiers forcing a Palestinian man to play his violin.

November 2004

Fear gives politicians a reason to be

by mikepower
We may be living through an incredible era of prosperity and calm in which politics as a force for transforming the world has gone into abeyance - and when a real crisis comes along, politics will return in a new form we cannot possibly imagine

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