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Diary of the Dead

by apostaganha
Titulo Original: Diary of the Dead Titulo Português: Diary of the Dead Titulo Brasileiro: Diary of the Dead Ano: 2007 Realização: George A. Romero Argumento: George A. Romero Actores: Nick Alachiotis, Matt Birman, George Buza, Joshua Close, Christopher Cordell, Wes Craven, Laura DeCarteret


Dualkore label page on discogs

by ad34
French label making all kinds of Hardcore/terror style. Sublabel from Elektronoize

U.S. Department of State Watching Sabbah's Blog!

by soul1383 & 1 other
The prophecy coming true. U.S. Department of State watching and harassing a blogger in the Middle East. They are not happy about his 'allegation' that U.S. Army is committing terror!!

U.S. Department of State Watching Sabbah's Blog!

by sabbah & 1 other
The prophecy coming true. U.S. Department of State watching and harassing a blogger in the Middle East. They are not happy about his 'allegation' that U.S. Army is committing terror!!

Global Incident Map

by Mal Burns & 3 others (via)
An interactive map based on Google Earth and Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News. It updates live every 5 minutes and covers a mass of incidents not always reported in the mainstream media.


Propaganda Exposed The Extremist Agenda - Glen Beck Show

by amosdettonville
Glen Beck show - where Glen narrates a behind the scenes, other side of the curtain look at islamic terrorism. The whole show minus commercials is here (time 41 mins). I think I even spelled Glenn with two "n"s in this? Maybe...

US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun Massacre

by sabbah
If you find the images in this article revolting, like me, think of the people in Palestine see such images on a daily basis not as pictures but live and anywhere they go, and that this genocide is supported equally by ALL western countries, the EU and the UN. Your taxes are very probably financing what you see here. Speak with your politicians if you do not like what you see. When the the psychopaths and moral degenerates who commit these acts with the help of your governments stop commiting them, I (and others) will stop publishing these images.

Fight Terror :: Games-Entertainment::Action :: Free Software Download Site

by webzf & 1 other
Defend people from the terrorists in the game Fight Terror. The action is carried out on your behalf. Your aim is to destroy the detachments of the terrorists. You are located in the trench and have weapons at your disposal. Fight for the world peace! You

US report says Iraq fuels terror

by fezaroni
It would seem that Bush’s “War on Terror” has become his “War On Freedom’, And, our own intelligence community warned the DECIDER that this would happen before the attack order was given.

Gatorade, terrorist weapon of choice

by fleebo
Apparently in their latest nefarious plot, the terrorists were going to use liquid explosives disguised as Gatorade (or its British equivalent), which would be detonated by punching in the secret terrorist code to a connected ipod. In other words, from now on when you go to the airport, be on the lookout for Islamofascist joggers.

Human rights watchdog condemns US 'abuse'

by zboog
The Courier-Mail [20jan06] THE Bush Administration had a deliberate strategy of abusing terror suspects during interrogation, Human Rights Watch said in its annual report on prisoner treatment yesterday.


CG Sniper Video

by glowfly333
From the video poster: "The video tape was taken from captured terrorist scum in Iraq - you've got to watch it"

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