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by ludochane
A template engine for Java

December 2010

For Some Value of "Magic": Templating Systems

by marco
Even with a pure MVC architecture Jinja2's argument-passing enhancements would be an improvement - as Armin says, making the couplings explicit would be a Pythonic thing to do.

November 2010

WordPress › OptionTree « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
a plugin that makes it easy to set up theme options in WordPress. You can easily add uploaders, colorpickers, radio boxes, text inputs, textareas, etc to a panel- and even more advanced stuff like post, tag and page selectors.

October 2010

Faites vous aider à choisir le bon graphique

by Giraultises (via)
Chart Chooser est un service qui vous orientera dans le choix d'une représentation graphique à intégrer dans vos présentations Excel ou PowerPoint. Il vous suffira ensuite de télécharger le modèle afin de l'intégrer facilement.

Online Subscription Management - Billing & Payment Solutions

by HK
Zuora is the leader in subscription billing and recurring payments. Our Z-Billing and Z-Payments products make it fast and easy to launch new products, scale operations, and automate recurring billing and subscription payments in one solution.

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