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A growing collection of Basic WordPress Templates, for web designers | SAOB: Senseless Acts of Beauty

by camel (via)
After beginning development of several WordPress websites I found that I was doing the same beginning edits to the wordpress theme structure. So, in order to make my life easy, I proceeded to make some basic editable templates that would suit my needs for multiple websites. Also its very close to Christmas, and this is a time of giving and sharing so I am going to make these theme templates available to anyone. NOTE: These theme templates are only meant to be expanded by a web designer, by no means are these templates a finished design. Now then, there are many basic features of any website that I wanted to make available in each of these theme templates, and over time I will try and make a theme template for each combination. Features to be considered: * Single column layout * Two column layout * Three column layout * Fixed width * Fluid width * Top navigation addition * Search bar in header * Multiple side bars



Open Source Web Design

by blogsir & 30 others
free web design templates as well as web design information

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