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05 August 2006

Brasscheck TV (not related to, except in spirit)

by jlesage
brilliant compilation of mostly YouTube clips of media about political issues that is censored or just not shown in the US; sign up for email notices about new postings

09 July 2006

Welcome to Landscapes of Capital

by jlesage
how space/time (speed), capital and globalization are represented in corporate television advertising, one of the best academic web sites in scope, graphic design, and visual analysis

08 July 2006

Democracy Now!: radio and TV news

by jlesage & 1 other
news site from Amy Goodman's acclaimed NPR and cable TV show


by jlesage
long running left film journal; many of its reviews online; good links page

03 July 2006

Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media

by jlesage
analyses with extensive visual examples; archives of print issues since 1974

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