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28 September 2005

FCC VoIP Wiretapping Laws Complicated and Unclear

by teleclick
US federal regulators have decided that VoIP providers have until the spring of 2007 to begin following a new set of complex rules, designed to make it easier for police to listen in on broadband phone and internet telephony conversations.

26 September 2005

New Software Will Improve VoIP Emergency Services

by teleclick
Spatial Data Inc. has released VixxiLink 2.0, an application which allows VoIP providers to quickly and efficiently connect their customers to 911 emergency services.

MonsterHosting to Launch VoIP Service

by teleclick
Surrey, BC-based, a popular web hosting and e-commerce solutions provider, announced on Friday that it plans to launch a VoIP telephony service on October 3.

25 September 2005

TeleSign Provides VoIP Fraud Prevention Service

by teleclick
Over the past few months, fraud-artists have been making use of VoIP technology to scam web-based businesses.

24 September 2005


by imran
Announcing the Emerging Telephony Conference

Major Shift in VoIP Testing Methods

by teleclick
Several announcements by VON (Voice On Net) vendors over the past week indicate that the focus of this VoIP testing may be switched from testing equipment in labs to monitoring the quality of live network calls.

22 September 2005

EarthLink Introduces VoIP Service

by teleclick
EarthLink is currently in the process of launching their new internet telephony service, called "EarthLink True Voice".

21 September 2005

UK Start-Up to Launch Internet Telephony Service

by teleclick
The British telecommunications start-up, Timico is planning to launch a Skype-style internet telephony service, for business users.

20 September 2005

Cell Wireless Launches Free VoIP Software

by teleclick
Cell Wireless Corp. has just launched a VoIP software product. The software will be provided free of charge to the company’s 80,000 existing customers.

19 September 2005

Analysts Warn Against Possible Skype Security Risks

by teleclick
Skype Technologies, the free internet VoIP provider being acquired by eBay Inc., is unlikely to be able to offer an enterprise-class system anytime soon, said a research firm on Friday.

18 September 2005

NetFabric and Ecuity Team Up to Provide VoIP Services

by teleclick
Brookfield, Connecticut-based NetFabric Corp has teamed up with Ecuity Inc. of Bellevue, Washington to deliver VoIP systems specifically designed for small and medium businesses.

16 September 2005

BroadSoft Acquires Australian Software Company

by teleclick
US-based BroadSoft, a developer of VoIP software applications has recently acquired the Australian multimedia and software firm, Carbon Twelve.

15 September 2005

Rogers Pleased with VoIP Response

by teleclick
After only two months in the VoIP telephony business, Rogers Communications Inc. is happy with customer response so far, said CEO Edward Rogers Jr. on Tuesday.

14 September 2005

US Robotics to Enter VoIP Market

by teleclick
As of next month, US Robotics will enter the VoIP hardware market with the release of their first USB internet phone. The new phone will work with Skype and other instant messaging services that support voice communication.

New Tool Evaluates VoIP Readiness of Corporate IP Networks

by teleclick
As VoIP becomes a more and more viable option for corporate communication, enterprise-level customers are trying to find ways to get a handle on what it takes to support and manage IP telephony networks.

13 September 2005

UK RailNet to Undergo Major Technological Improvements

by teleclick
RailNet, the UK rail industry’s biggest telecommunications network, serving over 230 private branch offices across that country, is about to undergo a major technological upgrade.

The Fonly Institute

by imran
Low-cost, locally-operated, sustainable telecoms systems that facilitate economic self-development in rural and underserved communities

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, First Edition

by imran
By Jared Smith, Jim Van Meggelen, Leif Madsen

by imran & 3 others
A New Way to Serve NGOs and Remote Communities with Technology

VOIP Phones Give Villagers a Buzz

by imran
Using solar and pedal-powered VoIP phones and Wi-Fi to bring local, national and international dialing to remote areas of the world


by imran & 2 others
Open Source IP PBX Solution for Linux

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