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August 2005

Critics Attack VoIP Wiretapping Ruling

by teleclick
A recent ruling from the FCC says that internet telephony services must allow for built in wiretapping capabilities, just as conventional phone companies have to.

Telecommunications Industry News

by teleclick
Interesting news about the telecommunications industry.

July 2005

Skype Portal - Jyve

by Hydragon & 13 others
Jyve is a free community built around the use of Voice communication (Skype). It is a central meeting place for Skype users that provides a number of features to enhance the experience and entice conversations and discussion between members.

June 2005

Yahoo! Groups :

by scrunda
maccellphone Membership Confirmed

Is the telephone industry ready for open source?

by imran
Spencer's company makes Asterisk, an open-source application, for the Linux operating system

April 2005

BT to Launch Converged Bluetooth and GSM Mobile Phone

by smudie
BT, the UK's largest fixed line carrier, is about to launch a converged handset that can connect via Bluetooth and GSM - code named, the Bluephone. In other words, you'll be able to make calls via your landline (via Bluetooth) when you're in range - like cordless phones work today. But when you move out of range, the GSM network will take over.

March 2005

November 2004

Installation And Securing VoIP With Linux

by roberto
You know you're a nerd when you want to do this at home.

March 2004

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