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13 September 2005


by imran & 1 other
IVR Platforms / IVR Hosting / IVR Development

Tellme Networks, Inc.

by imran
Bringing personalization, XML and TCP/IP to the telephone network

12 September 2005

eBay Finalizes Skype Acquisition

by teleclick
eBay has announced this morning that it plans to acquire Luxembourg-based VoIP telephony company Skype Technologies.

11 September 2005

O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference

by imran
January 24 - 26, 2006 - Marriot San Francisco Airport

Bell Canada Launches New VoIP Network

by teleclick
Last Thursday saw a major announcement by Bell Canada, the country’s largest telephone company, regarding the company’s plans to launch a new VoIP telephony service.

10 September 2005

China Telecom Bans Skype Services

by teleclick
China Telecom has struck a major blow to the advancement of technology in that country, as it moves to block citizens’ access to SkypeOut, Skype’s popular PC-to-Phone telephony service.

08 September 2005

eBay to Buy Skype?

by teleclick
Shares of eBay Inc. tumbled almost 4% today due to reports that the online auction company was considering purchasing Luxembourg-based Skype Technologies.

06 September 2005

Skype Makes Deal with Mobile Phone Carrier

by teleclick
The new deal will allow E-Plus’s 9.8 million customers to bundle unlimited Skype VoIP service with their wireless web subscriptions.

03 September 2005

Skype Works to Encourage Innovation

by teleclick
Skype has plans to launch a new program this fall, which will provide third party software developers with “Skype Certified” logos for software that they develop as an extension of the company's VoIP offering.

02 September 2005

Sony Ericsson Introduces Wireless VoIP Headset

by teleclick
Sony Ericsson has just launched its new Bluetooth Headset HBH-608. In addition to its normal mobile phone functions, this new gadget is compatible with Sony’s VAIO BX and VAIO Professional notebook computers.

Mobile VoIP Agreement Reached in Finland

by teleclick
Reports from Helsinki, Finland indicate that a final agreement has been reached regarding the transfer of cellular provider Saunalahti’s mobile phone traffic to the Elisa VoIP network.

31 August 2005

Microsoft Buys VoIP Startup

by teleclick
Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Teleco Inc., a small San Francisco company that distributes VoIP software, which allows users to make phone calls from computers to traditional telephones.

3Com and Ingate Announce VoIP Partnership

by teleclick
Ingate Systems and 3Com Corporation announced this week that they are planning a partnership to offer enterprise class VoIP telephony solutions to workers on the go.

30 August 2005


by imran
The Asterisk Telephony Company

28 August 2005

Vonage Plans IPO

by teleclick
The New Jersey based Vonage Holdings Inc., a quickly growing provider of residential phone service has recently made plans to go public.

OECD Predicts VoIP Revolution

by teleclick
The telecommunications industry is once again back into profitable territory these days, but landline and mobile providers can’t afford to ignore the increasing popularity of VoIP telephony, warns the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in a new report today.

27 August 2005

Google Unlikely To Change Fragmented IM Market

by imran
"Grouping people by their relationship with the IM subscriber, such as a family member, friend or colleague, the directory also establishes whether they are reachable"

26 August 2005

Premium Audio

by imran
Suitably re-interpreted, could point the way that the future of — for want of a better term — “telephony” networks

23 August 2005

VoIP 911 Deadline Approaches - Providers Rise to Challenge

by teleclick
American VoIP providers are scrambling to meet with federal regulations forcing them to offer the same access to 911 emergency services as traditional landline phones do by November 28th of this year.

20 August 2005

Skype Downloads Up, Usage Down*

by teleclick
According to the count on the official website, the total number of times that Skype has been downloaded is nearing 151 million. Overall usage, however, is declining*.

18 August 2005

Is Skype Reall Worth $3,000,000,000?

by teleclick
Among numerous reports over the past couple of weeks that the owners of Skype may sell the company for $3 billion, one is tempted to ask the obvious question. Is it really worth that much?

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