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14 December 2004

30 November 2004

Turn your PC into a Mac - Engadget -

by Pandora
Download these programs first and then get ready to fool some people! [via Linkfilter]

18 November 2004

RIM BlackBerry 7750 review - Smartphones - CNET Reviews

by Pandora
"Research in Motion pumps out another basic smart phone that gets the job done with minimal fuss." [via CNet]

Make your own iPOD for just �5

by Pandora
"So if you are desperate to get the look but you can’t afford it, here’s how to cheat your way trendy for less than a fiver."

17 November 2004

Spread Firefox - Igniting the web

by Pandora & 65 others
"Welcome to Spread Firefox. You are our marketing department, a diverse community of people tired of swatting popups, chasing spyware, combatting identity theft and installing security updates you could set your watch to." With an intro like that, what mo

Five Easy Privacy Tips

by Pandora
Sarah Lane [TechTV] shares her five tricks for better online security.

14 November 2004

Blackberry Blog

by Pandora
one of my favorite gadgets has a blog!

Betting on Tools that Power Blogs

by Pandora & 1 other
Blog tooling makes capital. Makes sence to me. [via Blog Herald]

05 November 2004

03 November 2004

01 November 2004

Encrypt HTML Pro

by Pandora
Encrypt HTML Pro is software to encrypt and protect your HTML pages in just a few clicks.

29 October 2004