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Xooglers Blog

by macroron & 5 others
A gathering spot for ex-Googlers to reminisce and comment on the latest developments in search.

Web 2.0 Central: Web2.0, Ajax, Beta, Alpha, Startup, Companies

by macroron & 12 others
Web 2.0 Central profiles companies and startups building web based applications using technologies like Ajax, Ruby on Rails, Flash, RSS, Open API's and assorted web based application development tools.

Google Maps Mania Blog

by macroron & 43 others
An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, ideas and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

CrunchNotes Blog

by macroron & 6 others
an informal collection of thoughts on Web 2.0, written by Michael Arrington. It is a companion blog to TechCrunch.

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