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About JD Lasica

by springnet
J.D. Lasica is one of the world's leading authorities on social media and the revolution in user-created media. A writer, strategist, blogger and consultant, he is the co-founder and editorial director of, president of the Social Media Group


Come All Ye Faithful Bring Your Bible Hymn Book and U2

by YukihiroKawashi & 1 other
I sit on the sofa listening to U2s If God will Send His Angels not because I am Bonos 1 fan but because I want to hear what is captivating the churches lately the U2charist

Pentecostal Growth in Asia Challenges Catholic Church

by JomeiKujo
The rapid growth of Pentecostalism in Asia forced a panel of Catholic leaders to reexamine the meaning of ecumenism on the Asian continent and how the church can meet the needs of Catholics within this context


coping with stress

by ryanne
[monday, 06 june 2005] my ways of coping with short-term stress: - play with my cat (you guessed it) XDDD - read my little bro's blog - read m______'s xanga (thou shalt not be named...hahahha) - meet up with some long-lost friends :) - revisit DG -

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