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Interactive Johari Window - Mapping Personality Visibility

by workplay & 9 others
interesting exercise to gauge how team members see themselves and their colleagues

Edition de logiciels, formations, conseils, assistance sur WinDev - logiciel crm

by eandrieux
Société spécialisée dans l'édition de logiciels dédiés au management d'entreprise, notamment en gestion d'équipes et en management commercial. Conseils, consultant indépendant, expertises, formations et assistance sur le logiciel WinDev. Gestion de la relation client (customer relationship management) et outils crm.

Logiciel crm simple, économique et efficace pour les indépendants, les tpe et les pme

by eandrieux
Logiciel crm simple, économique et efficace pour organiser votre travail en équipes autour des relations que vous avez avec vos prospects, clients et partenaires. Gestion de la Relation Client (grc) - Gestion de contacts professionnels - Suivi de forces de ventes - Partage de documents - Planning d'equipe - Suivi de tâches et de temps passés - Portefeuille d'opportunites (affaires) - Ciblage marketing - Synchronisation des RDV avec MS Outlook

April 2006

Groups perform better than the best individuals at solving complex problems | Science Blog

by Kaipyra (via)
ups of two performed at the same level as the best of two individuals, suggesting that this group size was too small to introduce the necessary dynamics for optimal problem-solving. However, since groups of three, four, and five were able to achieve the same results, the authors submit that groups of at least three are necessary and sufficient to perform better than the best of an equivalent number of individuals on complex problems that require understanding of verbal, quantitative, or logical conceptual systems. Understanding these systems are necessary skills for scientific research teams, and the finding that groups of three or more perform better than the

March 2006

February 2006


by agonyii (via)
MOTH3R ® Digital Portfolio is UP! MOTH3R® team represents the crew of three creative people. They tend to express themselfs in both online & offline media. Now via FlashPage Engine!

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