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5 Simple Rules for No-Plan Teaching - Edudemic - Edudemic

by anbll (via)
One big trend hitting education today is a ‘no planning’ approach to instruction. While at first glance this plan-less method seems chaotic and unproductive, it starts to make much more sense once it is observed and considered as having a realistic – and rather ingenious – purpose.



Theoretical – Traditional « Dokodemo Diary

by Takwann
There are many ways of practicing including hard and soft approaches, training where injury never occurs or training with the idea that injuries sometimes occur since aikido is a budo. What is your opinion regarding this matter, Sensei?


(Article) An empty head learns nothing « Dokodemo Diary

by Takwann
The idea that, in aikido, a new person needs to learn how to learn is paralleled by the above topic. If it’s really been shown based on study of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, then it’s almost silly to regard it as a novel insight tied to aikido. Yet, a trap that many seniors and teachers fall into is to try to teach people everything, indeed, spending very little time on the most elementary aspects and “moving on” to more advanced topics, considering them to be more practical, applicable, “real”, or possibly just more interesting. There is, on the other hand, a trend in some circles to strongly emphasize the elementary aspects, and implicitly de-emphasize, possibly creating a subtle taboo around, more advanced topics.


Google For Educators

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Here, you’ll find a teacher’s guide to Google Tools for Your Classroom. And to spark your imagination, you'll find examples of innovative ways that other educators are using these tools in the classroom.

Mozilla Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge

by ycc2106
# Turn social bookmarking and page annotation into effective learning tools (for example by including peer-assessment features). # Allow users to easily compile personal e-portfolios (for example, by combining their own works — photos, comments, articles—with testimonials others have written about them). # Let the browser suggest relevant materials (for example, by automatically identifying additional articles based on what sites a person visit or which topics they search for). # Support social learning communities (for example, by making it easy to find and connect with others who share similar learning interests). - take typing speed test and practice typing online

by oseres & 6 others
Have you ever wished that you had a way to practice typing so that you could become a more efficient and capable keyboard jockey? Typing at the “speed of thought,” perhaps? Enter — the flash–based typing instructor you’ve been waiting for! is very straightforward. You can choose from three basic lessons that start with a certain number of keys on the keyboard, and then, as you progress through the lessons, more keys are introduced to the mix to make things a little tougher. As an added bonus, our software keeps track of all your mistakes and your words–per–minute (wpm) — and even creates graphs of your day–by–day performance. But, things get even better! Once you have determined that the lessons you have completed have reached their maximum result, get ready to play with custom mode, where you can edit and personalize the text that you wish to practice! Very bare–bones, but oh, so functional. Finally, to up the entertainment level of your typing lessons, you can import content from a web site or blog into to type it out. But why even bother to learn touch typing? The answer is simple — it is healthier for you, faster and more accurate. Blogging, writing long documents and e–mails, instant messaging with your friends, and even coding sophisticated computer programs will become much easier and more enjoyable once you eliminate distraction of hunt–and–peck typing. If you are curious about how touch typing appears to onlookers, please watch a couple of short YouTube videos demonstrating really high typing speed:

jsharp - home

by ycc2106
Welcome to this reference site for teachers. Some of the things you will find here are 'How to' tutorials There will be a variety of ideas of how to Integrate ICT (computers) into teaching and learning



Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Home Page

by jgrogan
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the best sites for teaching and learning.

Journey North Instructional Strategies

by jgrogan
Explore these Best Practice Strategies to engage your students in authentic learning:

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