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18 January 2007 14:00

Middle School Math Technology Resources and Ideas

by knann (via)
The matrices are a series of online tables of electronic and technology resources supporting California middle school math content standards for grades 6, 7 and Algebra 1. The resources align to the two California state-adopted middle school textbook series of McDougall-Littell and Prentice Hall. The Grade 6 matrix also aligns to Harcourt and Scott Foresman. Search by strand and then math concept to find some great resources and ideas!

18 January 2007 13:30

Video Resources for Middle School Math

by knann
List of specific video resources for middle school math that can be used for differentiation.

18 January 2007 13:15

Differentiated Instruction Resources Middle School Math

by knann (via)
Educational technology resources for differentiated instruction in the middle school math classroom

03 December 2006 14:00

Mathcasts Wiki

by knann
A growing library of mathcasts. Mathcasts are recorded movies created with a smart board with audio narration. Students can see and hear how a given problem is solved. Resources available for Grades 1-12.

07 December 2005 11:45

Mathmatical Toolkit

by knann
In collaboration with Intel and The Mathematical Association, the Mathematical Toolkit and Number line have been designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of mathematics for

26 September 2005 07:30

MissionAlgebra Gr 6, 7 8

by knann
This set of standards-based classroom examples aims to capture exemplary practices in the use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

23 September 2005 17:30

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