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August 2009

July 2009

Home - Common Tag

by Spone & 3 others
Common Tag is an open tagging format developed to make content more connected, discoverable and engaging. Unlike free-text tags, Common Tags are references to unique, well-defined concepts, complete with metadata and their own URLs. With Common Tag, site owners can more easily create topic hubs, cross-promote their content, and enrich their pages with free data, images and widgets.

Faviki - Social bookmarking tool using smart semantic Wikipedia (DBpedia) tags

by Spone
Faviki is a social bookmarking tool that lets you tag bookmarks using Wikipedia concepts as tags. Faviki lets you keep your own tags and connect them to common, universal concepts from the world's largest collection of knowledge!

June 2009 - RoboGames

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Twitter hashtags pics, images

May 2009

Folksonomies | Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France

by nhoizey
Les folksonomies constituent la possibilité pour l’usager d’indexer des documents afin qu’il puisse plus aisément les retrouver grâce à un système de mots-clés. Le concept est lié à l’accroissement et à l’accélération de la production d’informations.

April 2009

TextboxList « Devthought

by nhoizey
TextboxList turns normal textboxes into a widget which can be navigated with the keyboard, effectively turning your input into a “list” of items that can be easily deleted. It comes with an Autocomplete plugin.

Against tags clouds «

by tehu

Cela change pas mal du traitement habituel réservé à cette information : traditionnellement organisé en un petit tas un peu chaotique, un peu représentatif des mots-clés importants sur un site, rangé dans un coin à la va-vite et souvent inutiles ou sous exploitable par les utilisateurs.

/me +1. La solution de Seed a le mérite d'être élégante.

March 2009

Moody - Mac OS X / Windows app to mood tag your music in iTunes

by ycc2106 & 1 other
You first tag your iTunes songs in mood according to the Moody colors. Horizontally the mood goes from sad to happy and vertically from calm to intense music (or make up your own system). When your songs are tagged you can play songs not only by a specific album, artist or genre, but also by the mood you're in.

January 2009

Do Tags Work?

by greut & 1 other the end of the day, you just google what you are trying to search.

December 2008

November 2008

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