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03 March 2005

Desire lines

by ramage
Desire lines are the foot-‍worn paths that sometimes appear in a landscape over time.

01 March 2005

David Galbraith, of Wist, on Wist

by ramage
ongoing aim to ...slowly evolve a tool for managing and syndicating image headlines.

28 February 2005

27 February 2005

26 February 2005

i d e a n t: A study

by rjjjsp & 18 others
Working within the constraints of a very limited data sample, this study attempts to identify some of the information management and meaning construction practices of an online distributed classification (a.k.a. free tagging or ethnoclassification) commun

22 February 2005

Explaining and Showing Broad and Narrow Folksonomies :: Off the Top ::

by rjjjsp & 2 others
I have been explaining the broad and narrow folksonomy in e-mail and in comments on others sites, as well as in the media (Wired News). There has still been some confusion, which is very understandable as it is a different concept that goes beyond a simpl

19 February 2005

18 February 2005


by rjjjsp
Jots is a collaborative bookmarking system that allows you to Store, Share and Discover relevant links.

17 February 2005

14 February 2005

Internet Time Blog: Furl and Spurl

by rjjjsp
See the difference? Say you read a great article in Wired or the New York Times. To save or share it, you'd use Furl. If your intent was to read Wired or the Times issue after issue, you'd Spurl it. Think "F" for file; hence Furl. Think "S" for subscribe;

Technorati: Using Technorati

by rjjjsp
Technorati is the authority on what is happening on the real-time web. To find out what people are saying about any

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