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The Tagging Toolbox: 30+ Tagging Tools

by springnet
Tags - for some, one of the best ideas on the web, for others, merely a visual distraction. Yes, we’re talking about those loosely defined categories which are usually organized into cute little clouds. Looking for tag-related resources can be tough, so

June 2007

May 2007


by cyberien & 1 other
veotag is an exciting new service that lets you display clickable text, called "veotags," within an audio or video file. Your audience can see the veotags whenever they play your file on the web. Clicking on a veotag lets your audience jump right to that part of the file. Try the basic service free or see a sample! * Make tables of contents, chapter headings, and menus that help your audience (and search engines) see what's inside your audio or video. * Add tags, transcripts, notes, and comments that enrich your audience's experience * You can even veotag other people's audio and video you find on the web! veotagging adds a professional touch to any audio or video file you want your audience to spend time with and enjoy.

April 2007


by Sueblimely
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March 2007