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mozNetworkPrioritizer :: Add-ons for Firefox

by piouPiouM
This add-on modifies network priorities such that your focused tabs & windows have higher priority.

Extension TooManyTabs pour Firefox

by nhoizey
C'est bien pour moi ça : TooManyTabs 0.4.0 allows you to store as many tabs as you like by adding extra rows in the Firefox! It saves your browser's space and memory as idle tabs are put aside. »


Linkwad :: Firefox Add-ons

by springnet
Linkwad lets you save and restore tabbed browsing sessions called wads. Wads can be shared and accessed from any computer. You can also share your "wads".


Firefox: Bookmark and Open Multiple Tabs in Firefox - Lifehacker

by springnet
One easily-overlooked feature in Firefox is its ability to bookmark and open tabs as a group. For example, there may be a set of sites you check every day. Or you may be working on a project and want to stop for the day but keep track of all the open page

Snap Links :: Firefox Add-ons

by springnet & 1 other
Snap Links allows the user to easily open multiple links contained in a selected area in new tabs.

Open Multiple Web Sites in Tabs ~ Web Developers

by springnet
Did you know you can set Firefox to open multiple Web sites at once? This would be helpful for skimming all those Web sites you check out when you turn your computer on in the morning.

Session Manager :: Firefox Add-ons

by springnet
Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows - either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes. Additionally it offers you to reopen (accidentally) closed windows and tabs. If you're afraid of losing data while..

Tab Groups: Firefox Extension

by camel (via)
Tab Groups is a firefox extension that lets a user organize tabs into groups, those groups in turn can be switched between through their own tab bar. This extension is aimed at power users who have many tabs open on different subjects at once so that organizing these tabs coherently can become difficult. Windows are cumbersome to work with and tab placement is likewise less than ideal when the number of tabs makes their titles hard to distinguish. Currently supports FireFox version 2.0 .

Send Tab URLs :: Firefox Add-ons

by springnet
This Firefox extension adds a File menu command to the main browser window; when choosing this command, a new email message is automatically created, containing a list of URLs from all browser tabs in the current window.

Showcase - Features

by springnet
shows all your firefox tabs in one windows of thumbnailed web pages... cool!


LinkWad | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

by springnet
LinkWad is a Firefox extension that enables users to more easily manage tabbed browsing sessions by saving groups of tabs as "wads." Wads can be opened, saved, and closed very quickly and with minimal keystrokes.

Flickr: Photos tagged with furiousfirefoxtabs

by gibarian
How many open tags can Firefox/Computer/HumanBeing take before going crazy or kaput? Check it out!


Inside Firefox - The Inside Track on Firefox Development

by bcpbcp & 3 others
A lot of us are fans of tabbed browsing. It's one of the most useful changes in window and document management since the Task Bar on Windows. People who like to work with multiple documents like quick, convenient access to them. It's part of the reason Microsoft moved Office to a SDI model. That said, Firefox is a browser for everybody, and a lot of people don't use a lot of windows. In one of the PDC videos released a month or so back, a Microsoft representative said that they had done studies that showed that users generally had no more than 5 windows open at a time. This surprised them because they, like most of us, were used to browsing with tens of windows. The challenges that face us building the Firefox UI is how to make Tabbed Browsing useful to those who want it, discoverable to those whose lives would be made easier by it, and transparent to those who don't need it.

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