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October 2007

Section Urbaine - SU75

by sbrothier
Section Urbaine 75 by Ratana Boun ;)


by sbrothier
t-shirts avec des objets de la vie courante sérigraphiés en 1 couleur, holster, rollers, lunettes...

September 2007

Stencil Revolution :: View topic - Bleach on fabric tutorial

by sbrothier & 1 other
This Japanese Koi design was created specifically for this tutorial. (my original drawing in fig. 1.) I wanted to create and instruct with a relatively simple design that translated well into a two stencil work. It is based on traditional Japanese Koi artwork (but I really just made it up, so I hope it’s more recognizable than it is offensive) due to the popularity of the symbol and design in historic and modern tattoos. Of course my bleaching work began when I was asked to “tattoo” fabric. The Koi also symbolizes luck, and I can use all of that I can get.

Deathwish Inc.

by innipukinn
Deathwish is a brand started by J. Bannon and Tre McCarthy in 2001. Started primarily as an aggressive record label, Deathwish has also branched out into other counterculture oriented businesses. You can find Deathwish involved in Records, Apparel, Fine Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts, among other endeavors.

T-Shirt | Wire

by sbrothier
The Refugee Council approached Wire to help them create a major publicity campaign to attract new members. As the UK's largest charitable organisation working with asylum seekers and refugees, The Refugee Council wanted to combat the lies and myths perpetuated by the media.

August 2007

July 2007

Partystuff > E-Motion > Display DIVA (D-shirts)

by irols
Des d-shirts sont des affichages très fins qu’on peut coller par exemple avec un tape velcro sur son T-shirt. L’affichage donne de la lumière mouvante autour d’un modèle.

Digital Doodle

by sbrothier & 1 other
Welcome to digital doodle :) Each week we set a theme and everyone draws their best doodle relating to the theme. So get your creative juices flowing and have a go.

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