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BAG of BEES / Typecast Promo Tee

by sbrothier
We were asked to summarise everything that’s good about a new web typography application, on a tshirt. Here’s what we did.


Ugmonk — Ugmonk Shop

by sbrothier
As the market continues to become saturated with overly complex, cluttered designs, Ugmonk’s mission is to provide high-quality products with simple, fresh graphics.




Artefacture: high concept sublime form™

by sbrothier & 2 others
Armed with an eccentric perspective and a pocket-full of passion, Artefacture creates über-cool tees and aesthetic intrigue. Artefacture is a part of the global culture that celebrates human potential and creativity as expressed by art, design, music, fashion and sport.

T-Shirt | Wire

by sbrothier
The Refugee Council approached Wire to help them create a major publicity campaign to attract new members. As the UK's largest charitable organisation working with asylum seekers and refugees, The Refugee Council wanted to combat the lies and myths perpetuated by the media.


by sbrothier & 1 other
We were perusing NationMaster, checking out statistics on various nations, something we do quite often here at the Stolen Headquarters, when we came across "Life Expectancy at Birth." Andorra was the highest with 83.51 years, and all the way at the bottom was Mozambique with 31.1 years. This shocked and horrified us, especially since the average age of our small company is just under 28 years old.


Hel Fucking Vetica Tee Shirts!

by sbrothier
Wear Your Typographic Pride Like You Mean It! Support! Make an emphatic statement about your typographic savvy while showing your support for!

Veer: Products: Merch: T-Shirts

by sbrothier
Shield your creative assets from the elements with more designer-friendly wearables.

Tape Gallery

by sbrothier & 1 other
Bel exercice de t-shirts au sctoch de 1 à 50

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