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Dick Van Cock Production - T-Shirts

by babez
Dick Van Cock Production. See the fashion line from the upcoming Superstar.

technikr - T-Shirts

by babez
Frauen sagen ja selten zu dieser Aussage was Allgemeingültiges, aber jeder Kerl steht im Bett doch darauf wenn SIE sagt “Boah, ist dein Schw.. groß“.



by erinmystic
For this nugget I focused on MeCommerce ( How do they get people to sell items on their site? First they attach the user by making it about the user. They share %50 of profits which seems as a fair amount. It is called MEcommerce which also makes it about the user. They emphasize being free and how easy it is to sign up. Also they show an example of a webpage with it set up. Though everything helps, probably the biggest motivator is money. The set allows the user to sell products relevant to their sites and get paid for them. MeCommerce seems to me to be a promising alternative to ads.


Natürlich Nerz - Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus

by sbrothier
Hat Lola etwa zuviel Testosteron gefrühstückt? Oder hat sich Axel das Pelztierchen bei ihr eingeschlichen? Ob „Natürlich Nerz” oder künstlich kahl, Lolas ungewöhnliches Shirt gewinnt den ersten Preis. Und ihre Rivalinnen erblassen vor Neid.

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