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by erinmystic
For this nugget I focused on MeCommerce ( How do they get people to sell items on their site? First they attach the user by making it about the user. They share %50 of profits which seems as a fair amount. It is called MEcommerce which also makes it about the user. They emphasize being free and how easy it is to sign up. Also they show an example of a webpage with it set up. Though everything helps, probably the biggest motivator is money. The set allows the user to sell products relevant to their sites and get paid for them. MeCommerce seems to me to be a promising alternative to ads.


by erinmystic
Check out my T-shirt Wizard at! Buy a shirt and help me pay for grad school

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Oddly Enough

by mikepower
Tired of playing second fiddle to men in conservative Saudi Arabia, five women decided if you can't beat them, join them.

March 2006


by along & 5 others

Comment is free: Decline and fall

by mikepower
Bush's foreign policy has failed ignominiously in Iraq, but where does that leave the liberal imperialists?

Why the intelligent design lobby thanks God for Richard Dawkins

by mikepower
Anti-religious Darwinists are promulgating a false dichotomy between faith and science that gives succour to creationists

'Serious neglect' in police custody death

by mikepower
Four police officers present when a black paratrooper choked to death in custody were guilty of the 'most serious neglect of duty', police watchdog says.

The going rate for killing a 13 year-old school student is NIS 80,000.

by mikepower
A Givati Brigade officer will receive NIS 80,000 in compensation from the state after he was cleared of all charges in relating to the death of 13-year-old Palestinian girl, Iman Al Hamas, in the much-publicized "confirmed kill" affair.

Tea Series by Telanu

by music2084
(Tea Series: A Most Disquieting Tea, Almost, At Times, The Fool, Like A Glass, Corresponding, A Wizard Song, Possession)

Gender pay gap: what's it worth?

by mikepower
Girls may well opt for arts degrees over engineering, but that's not because nobody has told them that engineers earn more than academics - it's because the 'male' professions have fallen out of favour even among men.

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