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24 December 2006

WPKG - Windows software deployment tool

by jlemoine
WPKG is an automated software deployment, upgrade and removal program for Windows. It can be used to push/pull software packages, such as Service Packs, hotfixes, or program installations from a central server (for example, Samba or Active Directory) to a

by jlemoine
News & tools about virtual machines, server consolidation, virtualization technology, etc. VM "stuff" in general can be found here.


by jlemoine
Voilà le premier éditeur d'installation pour Windows Vista. Il permet de retirer nombre de composants du système afin d'avoir un système plus léger. A utiliser avec précautions.

Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk for M$ Networks

by jlemoine
The Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk is a DOS bootdisk that provides TCP/IP networking support. It's designed for use in Microsoft networking environments, on either peer-to-peer or domain based LANs. Currently 88 different network card drivers all inclu


by jlemoine & 1 other
SystemImager is software that automates Linux installs, software distribution, and production deployment.


by jlemoine & 11 others
Rockbox is an open source replacement firmware for mp3 players.

VNC Password Decrypter

by jlemoine
Comme son nom l'indique, ce petit outil permet de décrypter le mot de passe de VNC. À ne pas mettre entre toutes les mains...


by jlemoine & 2 others
Deployment Tool for Unattended Windows

23 December 2006

Linux Directory Structure

by jlemoine
I've been using Linux for my personal computer for a few years now, but I've never really been interested in where I actually SHOULD put the applications and which I install. This guide does a pretty good job of briefly explaining what data goes in the va


by ycc2106
Portable ratings system that allows readers to rate. In addition, the tags you specify are assigned an authority rating which helps build your reputation and visibility online. ...It takes less than a minute to set up your very own Authorati page.<br>

22 December 2006

19 December 2006


by jlemoine & 1 other
Un groupe de Hackers au style inimitable. Des informations très intéressantes sur la sécurité des serveurs.

Keeping your Ubuntu/Debian machines clean

by jlemoine & 1 other
Pour faire le ménage dans les paquets installés.

Installer Windows XP sur une clé USB

by jlemoine
Windows XP ne peut pas, par défaut, être installé sur une clé USB. Bien que la solution puisse s'avérer pratique à bien des égards, notamment dans un cas de dépannage, Microsoft n'a pas inclus cette possibilité. Certains se sont penchés sur la q

Guide to Useless Services (Windows XP SP2)

by jlemoine & 4 others
In this guide, we'll take a look at the default set of services that come with a fresh installation of Windows XP with Service Pack 2. We'll tell you the ones that you don't need and try to tell you why, so you can disable them without any problems.


by jlemoine & 10 others
GParted LiveCD contient le logiciel de partitionnement du projet GNOME. Il est distribué sous la forme d’une image ISO de 28 Mo.

Fully Automatic Installation (Debian)

by jlemoine
FAI est un ensemble de scripts et d'exécutables qui sert à installer automatiquement des machines sous Debian GNU/Linux.

14 December 2006

Le blog de NicoLargo

by nicolargo
Blog perso sur informatique (fedora, mac ...)

12 December 2006

使用partimage 备份Linux 多格式分区-文章--Linux起点

by realmip
Partimage(软件作者Francois Dupoux 和Franck Ladurelle)可以说是Linux下的Ghost,它可以将你的系统像照相一样备份至磁带,CD-R,CD-RW,NFS或硬盘分区。虽然 ghost软件也能支持linux分区,但是许多版本对支持ext3有兼容性问题(如表-1)

11 December 2006

07 December 2006

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