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Type rendering: operating systems « The Typekit Blog

by sbrothier
As we dig into type rendering on the web, we’ll begin by looking at text rendering engines. We are all familiar with operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X, but within each OS are smaller, specialized components available for use by applications like web browsers. APIs such as Core Text on Mac OS X, and DirectWrite and GDI on Windows, are examples of these components and are responsible for rasterizing fonts’ vector outlines. Let’s examine screenshots of web type as rendered by each of these APIs, and talk about the application independence of rendering engines.

Pixelated or fuzzy icons in Snow Leopard | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews

by sbrothier
A number of Snow Leopard users have been complaining of blurry and pixelated icons showing up in the Finder. A growing thread on the Apple discussion boards outlines this issue, where instead of the large and crisp icons that are so prominent in OS X, the system shows grainy and low-resolution versions of them, regardless of the icon size being used.

How to benchmark, Stress, your Apache, Nginx or IIS server | Linux Operating System - Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch

by holyver & 1 other
Actually usually any web server can handle a normal day of work, but what happens when the server under your administration gets, stumbled, or appears in Slashdot, or digg front pages, now a days even twitter may drive a lot of traffic to a webpage.

Running Processes

by Xavier Lacot
A list of utilities on various operating systems to have a program run permanently, without the need for a "watchdog".


Bredcrums - A new way to bookmark the web!

by ycc2106
import your bookmars to display them in the moving tag cloud Would be nice to be able to share

GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery

by sbrothier & 18 others
Welcome to guidebook, a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.

Home - Blog Flux

by ycc2106
Commentful is a service that watches comments/follow-ups on Blog posts, Digg submissions, Flickr galleries, and many other types of content. When ever there is an update, i.e a new follow-up, Commentful notifies you instantly.

Electricity Around the World

by ycc2106 & 4 others
The table below summarizes information on the electrical systems in use in most countries of the world.

Google Friend Connect Help

by ycc2106
Google Friend Connect is a service that helps site owners easily provide social features for their visitors. Users gain the ability to sign in to, make friends on, and interact with your site, making it more social and more dynamic. No programming expertise is required: just paste a snippet of code that we provide onto your site. Learn how to set up your site. As a user visiting friend connected sites, you can become members of sites and interact with other members who share your interests. You can also invite your friends from orkut, Google Talk, and other social networks to join the community. No need to create a new account for the site: simply use your Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or other OpenID account.

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