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Funambol Mobile 2.0 Messaging Powered by Open Source

by lecyborg & 5 others
Funambol provides mobile 2.0 messaging software powered by open source. It includes a mobile data synchronization server that pushes email to mobile phones from Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, POP/IMAP servers and other email servers. It enables you to synchronize PIM (contacts and calendar) data with SyncML devices (e.g. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, etc.). There are also Funambol- and community-provided plug-ins and clients for devices without SyncML, such as Outlook, BlackBerry (community project), Windows Mobile, Palm (community project), Java-enabled devices and iPods. You can setup a full PIM sync system that allows Outlook contacts and calendar events to stay in sync with all of your wireless devices. Funambol also provides a mobile platform and tools to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications that work in connected or disconnected mode. It includes an open source device management server that provides a framework to manage mobile devices, automatically provisioning and configuring them over-the-air. Funambol is a certified open source implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Data Synchronization (DS) and Device Management (DM) protocols, commonly referred to as SyncML. Funambol offers the myFUNAMBOL portal that lets anyone get email on their mobile phone and that syncs PIM data to their devices.

Welcome to ScheduleWorld

by lecyborg & 3 others
NOTE: ScheduleWorld is NOT running the default Funambol server or any of its included service modules. ScheduleWorld only uses a heavily modified Funambol server for some raw SyncML processing. That is all. ScheduleWorld is nearly 500,000 (500k) lines of Java code in addition to the modified Funambol SyncML server. The ScheduleWorld code base is the result of several years of methodical reverse engineering efforts to ensure maximum interoperability with existing cell phones, PDAs, and all manner of SyncML software.

funambol :: product :: overview

by lecyborg & 1 other
Funambol provides open source push email, PIM sync and device management software to mobile carriers, service providers and OEMs around the world.

Synthesis AG - SyncML Client

by lecyborg
Synthesis SyncML Clients for PDA bring SyncML compatibility to mobile devices of widespread mobile OS platforms like PalmOS and Windows Mobile (PocketPC/MS-Smartphone). This allows mobile over-the-air (OTA) synchronisation with any compliant SyncML server (such as SyncWise, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Open-Xchange, Teamware, eGroupware, DeskNow,,,,, and many many more) -- 可能是世界上最好的手机同步服务

by spirn & 1 other
MyTT是一个基于无线同步协议SyncML的手机无线数据同步服务,我们提供地址本同步,日程同步,备忘录以及短信息、彩信、图片、铃声等同步功能,也就是我们常说的无线个人信息管理(WPIM)服务。   大家可以通过MyTT服务可以备份和管理好自己的私人信息,从此不再为更换、丢失手机等资料意外丢失而烦恼!

SyncML Client for Mobile Phone and PDA

by spirn
TTSync provides the most user-friendly SyncML Clients for PDA products -- for Symbian S60s and Windows Mobile based handhelds and smartphones.


无忧通讯录: 手机无线同步服务,支持SyncML,最专业的手机号簿备份服务

by sohu (via) is a wireless service that keeps your mobile phone automatically updated with address book and calendar information from your PC -- wirelessly. 无忧通讯录是一种方便使用的无线同步服务,它可以安全地将您手机上的电话簿备份到网络上。

SyncML extension for Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla seamonkey

by springnet
Welcome to Tsync, a free SyncML client for firefox and seamonkey ! Tsync is a SyncML based extension to be used with Mozilla Thunderbird or Mozilla Seamonkey. This extension sync your contacts against a SyncML server like for example or ww

Synchronisation de Kontact (KDE) avec un Nokia Serie 60 (6630 - 6680 ...) [Experimental] (Adaptable à Gnome et Evolution) - D Ramc's BLOG

by ddelangle (via)
Ce très long article expose un début de solution pour synchroniser son téléphone portable avec son agenda sous KDE (korganiser ou kontact). Sur un ton d'article de blog, il tient beaucoup du tutoriel et développe la procédure à suivre via bluetooth. Le cable USB est cependant évoqué à la fin de l'article, mais les tests restent à faire. Bonne lecture !!!

More than just sync - Mobile the smart way.

by platinum
free to anyone from anywhere. It's more than just sync.

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