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December 2006

无忧通讯录: 手机无线同步服务,支持SyncML,最专业的手机号簿备份服务

by sohu (via) is a wireless service that keeps your mobile phone automatically updated with address book and calendar information from your PC -- wirelessly. 无忧通讯录是一种方便使用的无线同步服务,它可以安全地将您手机上的电话簿备份到网络上。

November 2006

October 2006

August 2006

Free online backup of your mobile phone

by roarn
A free global online service that makes it possible for anyone to backup his or her mobile phone over-the-air. Very cool!

July 2006 -- 可能是世界上最好的手机同步服务

by WilsonWu & 1 other
MyTT是一个基于无线同步协议SyncML的手机无线数据同步服务,我们提供地址本同步,日程同步,备忘录以及短信息、彩信、图片、铃声等同步功能,也就是我们常说的无线个人信息管理(WPIM)服务。   大家可以通过MyTT服务可以备份和管理好自己的私人信息,从此不再为更换、丢失手机等资料意外丢失而烦恼!

May 2006

Manage online and share: Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar, Files, ... - Sync with Firefox, mobile, ...

by memotoo
Centralize and share your personal datas (bookmakrs, address book, calendar, files, ...) with to find them from any computer connected to Internet ! Some features: - View the contacts World Map with Google Maps ! - Access to your contacts with a LDAP directory - Synchronize your datas with your mobile (SyncML protocol) - ...

SyncML Server

by gik & 3 others
SyncML Server for contacts, tasks, calendar, notes sycnhronization

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