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Rseven - Mobile Backup and Sync Service

by ycc2106
Rseven archives all the data recorded by your phone into a website. As your phone documents your daily activities, Rseven website shows your life journey in a timeline and displays the strength of your relationships with the people that you communicate with". Rseven mobile client on the phone collects the data from the phone and uploads them to the website. The Rseven mobile client also synchronizes the phone's contacts


Z-Push - open source push technology

by camel
Mobile data synchronization is becoming increasingly important for many people, and various standards have arisen to perform this two-way copying 'over-the-air'. The most important platforms that can do wireless synchronisation are ActiveSync that is used to communicate with Exchange Server and Research-in-Motion's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Both solutions require proprietary server-side software from the vendor, therefore limiting the use of PIMs (personal information managers) to either wired synchronization or irritating 3rd-party synchronizers requiring the installation of client software on the PDA.

Welcome to ScheduleWorld

by camel & 7 others (via)
Wouldn't it be great to share your contacts and calendars with your family or co-workers as well as synchronize with your phone and all of the computers you use? Synchronize your life With ScheduleWorld!


emoze Free Push email, mobile email software for mobile devices.

by camel
Emoze permet la synchronisation sécurisée en temps réel des messages électroniques, des calendriers, des contacts et des tâches, poussant les données et les mises à jour vers vous à toute heure, en tout lieu, sur le réseau de tout fournisseur de services mobiles ou WiFi et sur les appareils mobiles de toutes les principales marques. Le téléchargement, l'enregistrement et l'utilisation d'emoze sont gratuits pour l'utilisateur individuel. Le logiciel prend en charge toutes les sources de données de mail (notamment Lotus Notes et Domino Server, Microsoft Outlook et Exchange, POP3 et Web-Access) et les systèmes d'exploitation d'appareil mobile les plus répandus. Il propose une interface utilisateur simple et une sécurité de haut niveau pour les messages électroniques et les données.

GooSync Home Page

by camel (via)
Synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA. GooSync will seamlessly synchronize almost any mobile device with your Google Calendar. It's quick and simple, sign-up and start syncing. Never be without your vital calendar information again!

UNYK – Address book

by ycc2106 & 3 others
synchronize Hotmail Outlook Gmail contacts


无忧通讯录: 手机无线同步服务,支持SyncML,最专业的手机号簿备份服务

by sohu (via) is a wireless service that keeps your mobile phone automatically updated with address book and calendar information from your PC -- wirelessly. 无忧通讯录是一种方便使用的无线同步服务,它可以安全地将您手机上的电话簿备份到网络上。

Free online backup of your mobile phone

by roarn
A free global online service that makes it possible for anyone to backup his or her mobile phone over-the-air. Very cool!


by rikaizm & 10 others
コンピュータとモバイル機器を通じてアプリケーション・データ(今はまだ写真アルバムだけ)を同期させるプラットフォーム -- 可能是世界上最好的手机同步服务

by WilsonWu & 1 other
MyTT是一个基于无线同步协议SyncML的手机无线数据同步服务,我们提供地址本同步,日程同步,备忘录以及短信息、彩信、图片、铃声等同步功能,也就是我们常说的无线个人信息管理(WPIM)服务。   大家可以通过MyTT服务可以备份和管理好自己的私人信息,从此不再为更换、丢失手机等资料意外丢失而烦恼!

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