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September 2008

Stay in Sync with GCal and Thunderbird

by wabaus & 3 others
How to keep GCal and Thunderbird in (2-way) sync.

April 2008

Google Calendar Sync, synchronisez Outlook avec Google Agenda | Benoit Descary

by camel
Google Calendar Sync est une nouvelle application offerte par Google qui permet de synchroniser Outlook avec votre Agenda Google. Vous pouvez paramétrer l’application pour obtenir une synchronisation unidirectionnelle ou bidirectionnelle. Comme la plupart des services de Google, Google Calendar Sync est gratuit.

February 2008

January 2008

BusySync 2.0 Preview

by nhoizey
With BusySync 2.0, you can perform bidirectional synchronization between iCal and Google Calendar, providing web based access to your calendars from anywhere.

Welcome to ScheduleWorld

by camel & 7 others (via)
Wouldn't it be great to share your contacts and calendars with your family or co-workers as well as synchronize with your phone and all of the computers you use? Synchronize your life With ScheduleWorld!

December 2007

November 2007


by springnet & 1 other
outlook sync for contacts, calendar, pim web based

September 2007

GooSync Home Page

by camel (via)
Synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA. GooSync will seamlessly synchronize almost any mobile device with your Google Calendar. It's quick and simple, sign-up and start syncing. Never be without your vital calendar information again!

June 2007

by nhoizey
GCALDaemon est un programme Java - donc indépendant de l'OS - qui permet une synchronisation dans les deux sens entre Google Calendar et tout type de calendrier compatible iCalendar

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