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fruux - Just Sync, No-frills!

by oseres
fruux is a lightweight and convenient system preference pane, that syncs your Address Book, Calendars, Tasks and Bookmarks between different Macs. fruux supports sync conflict resolution which will help you when you changed a record on more than one machine. fruux is currently localized in dutch, english, french, german, italian, japanese, portuguese, spanish and romanian. fruux is still experimental, please backup your data! System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later



Google Browser Sync

by marco & 18 others
Google Browser Sync for Firefox is an extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers

Manage online and share: Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar, Files, ... - Sync with Firefox, mobile, ...

by memotoo
Centralize and share your personal datas (bookmakrs, address book, calendar, files, ...) with to find them from any computer connected to Internet ! Some features: - View the contacts World Map with Google Maps ! - Access to your contacts with a LDAP directory - Synchronize your datas with your mobile (SyncML protocol) - ...

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