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Transfer files to and from an iPad - Computerworld

by oseres
It’s true that you can use your iPad instead of your Mac to take care of many common computing tasks. But unless you’re ready to ditch Mac OS X entirely, you’ll still need to transfer files back and forth between your iPad and your Mac if you’re going to get work done. Unfortunately, transferring and synchronizing files between the Mac and the tablet isn’t easy. There are several different ways to do it, but none are perfect, and each has its deficiencies. Frankly, this is one area where Apple could vastly improve the iPad experience. Until that happens, here are your choices when it comes to transferring files between your various devices.


Sony Ericsson P1i et Apple iSync

by yannp
pour synchroniser un SE P1i avec un MacBook



Adium Book

by astorg & 1 other
Application permettant de synchroniser Adium et Address Book

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