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Dailymotion - La dure vie des développeurs web - une vidéo Comédie et Humour

by ghis (via)
Encore une parodie de la scène de «der unterdang», sur le thème du développement web.

Symfony, les forms et les forms embarqués

by ghis
Tuto sur les forms en symfony, quelles méthodes surcharger en fonction de ses besoins.



symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog » Yahoo! Answers powered by symfony

by nhoizey & 1 other
Yahoo! used symfony to redevelop another project. This time symfony was used as part of the foundation for Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is the largest collection of human knowledge on the Web with more than 135 million users and 515 million answers worl

Symfoclipse Symfony plugin.

by delavigne & 1 other (via)
The eclipse Symfony plugin. Symfoclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse platform that ease the development process of web applications using the Symfony framework. Symfoclipse includes two plugins: * The Symfoclipse core plugin, a plugin that enables Symfony's command line actions from within Eclipse. * Symfoclipse YAML editor, an editor and validator for the YAML format which is the main format used by Symfony for its configuration files.



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