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May 2008

Tantek's Thoughts — 2008 April - on open flow

by springnet
the book I'm currently reading is titled "Flow", thanks to my new super friend Tara Brown, who somehow knew exactly where my head was at and gave it to me to read just last week. It's a really good sequel in many ways to David Allen's Getting Things Done

March 2008

Global Neighbourhoods

by springnet
People everywhere, equipped with cameras and access are posting what they see, for a few friends or the entire world. It is the reporting of everday people and places and incidents that will never be ready for prime time, but are useful and interesting to - Blog Network - Creating a Community

by springnet
Once you’ve been, it’s almost as if you are part of a tribe. You are let in on secrets that not everyone knows about. Events that are off the grid suddenly open their doors to you. The events happening that are not listed on the official schedule have

May 2007

Tantek's Thoughts

by springnet & 1 other
Peter Townsend and other video clips at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas. technorati dev-wiki microformats hReview hCard hCalendar XOXO GMPG XFN 1.1 XMDP webdesign

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