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March 2008

by springnet
There are many ways to see what’s going on from the official site, Upcoming, Facebook and the SXSW Insider on Ning to name few.

January 2008

Merlin Mann

by springnet
Merline Mann's blog SF CA of 43 Folders and MacBreak Weekly nailing down speaking gigs including sxsw 08 creator of 5ives

April 2007

Stardock ObjectDock

by springnet & 10 others
Macifies the icons on your pc and puts them in to a dock just like the Mac.

» Apple’s new kick-butt file system | Storage Bits |

by springnet
Apple is doing something really cool with storage - not to discount their laudable RAID product - and that something is called ZFS. The bright side of the Leopard slip: more time to integrate ZFS is a Good Thing.

Ben Ward » Twitgit for Twitter

by springnet
# Read your friend’s most recent twitterings from Dashboard # Post status updates right in the widget

March 2007

What is Mac OS X?

by springnet & 4 others
This document attempts to give a hacker over-friendly answer to the question "What is Mac OS X?".

Digg - Hack Attack: A beginner's guide to Quicksilver

by springnet
Quicksilver is bar-none the best productivity application on the market today. Whether we're talking Mac, Windows, or Linux, freeware or shareware, this Mac-only, freeware application launcher-and-then-some is the best productivity booster I have on my co

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