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May 2010

YouTube - Shaolin Sword Techniques vs. Japanese Katana

by Takwann
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit demonstrating some of the secrets of the Shaolin Sword (Jian). All of the exchanges are impromptu. The Shaolin Sword is an amazing weapon. It is light, and can be easily broken if clashed directly with heavier weapons. Nevertheless, it was the choice weapon of many masters in the past because in the hands of a skillful swordsman, the techniques can be amazing. The Shaolin Sword is quite different from swords of other martial cultures, like the Samurai sword or the Western sword. Some kung fu practitioners, however, use a Jian as if it were a Samurai sword, a Western sword, or a kung fu saber (Dao). This is incorrect. This video shows some of the secret applications of the Shaolin Sword. These sword techniques were kept as top secrets in the past. Hence, many kung fu practitioners today who have learned sword sets do not know the combat applications of the sword. One of the tactics of the Shaolin Sword is to attack the wrist and hand of the opponent, thereby disarming him. This tactic is shown in the video.

December 2008

YouTube - Discovery Channel- The Samurai Sword Part 1

by Takwann
This is a brief documentation of japanese sword making and histroy of the Katana brought to you by the dicovery channel program descive weapons.

YouTube - Examining the Japanese Sword

by Takwann
Proper etiquette for handling and examining the Japanese sword.

YouTube - Japanese Sword-Polishing (English Subtitled)

by Takwann
This video demonstrates how to polish a Japanese sword.

AIKIBATTO aikido sword exercises - Aikiken

by Takwann
Aikibatto is a system of sword exercises, both Aikiken style bokken with partner and iaido style solo training with iaito or shinken, for learning how to handle the sword in an aiki way.

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