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March 2007

Search is the Internet OS!

by arnaudfischer & 1 other
Social search democratizing revenue share models There is a shift taking place from pure algorithmic search to social search. The explosion of consumer generated media (CGM), the emergence of social search and the rise of the Net's culture of participation will eventually force a democratization of the Web's economics. There is a shift taking place from few with the power to users getting empowered. Content generating users (i.e. traffic, eye balls) will increasingly share the wealth. The Web is slowly but surely leveling the playing field for the rest of us in the tail.

February 2007

Eurekster Swicki Home

by fox_b & 34 others (via)
A search engine that learns from your community's search behavior. via.にある紹介の他に百式さんによる紹介(↓)

September 2006

Le moteur de l'Intelligence Economique swicki - powered by eurekster

by nicolasRI & 2 others
Le premier moteur de recherche collaboratif entièrement consacré à la communauté de l'intelligence économique.

March 2006

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