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Survivor Samoa!

by macbros
This season the Survivors will be castaways down in the South Pacific Ocean on an island in Samoa, where the castaways will have their fair share of Heat and Taro. 20 contestants ranging from 62 years old to 22 years old will battle it out for their prize of a million bucks over the span of 39 days.


by realitytvfan
Watch clips from Reality TV shows from around the world. The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Big Brother & more.


Survivor Maps

by tagtooga
Detailed geographical maps of each Survivor Series reality-TV episode. Shows locations of each tribe's camp, location of challenges, production camps, etc.

Reality TV Sites

by tagtooga
Sites Devoted to Reality TV -- This is a Wiki where you can add your favorite reality TV sites.


Read what a California girl hates this week

by sdDewDrops
A weekly demolition of American values, behaviors, and television shows.

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