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16 August 2005

Roberts Unlikely To Face Big Fight

by jasontromm
Democrats have decided that unless there is an unexpected development in the weeks ahead, they will not launch a major fight to block the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts Jr., according to legislators, Senate aides and party strategists.

12 August 2005

Let the Sun Shine In

by jasontromm
US Senators (both Democrats and Replucians) have no business keeping secrets from the American people.

NARAL's slander of John Roberts helps his confirmation

by jasontromm
In addition to his ambiguous record as a lawyer and judge, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has the benefit of opponents who seem determined to discredit themselves and guarantee his confirmation. This self-destructive impulse is epitomized by NARAL Pro-Choice America's despicable TV ad linking Roberts to "violent fringe groups."

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