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Tailor - DarcsWiki

by Xavier Lacot (via)
Tailor is a tool to migrate or replicate changesets between ArX, Bazaar, Bazaar-NG, CVS, Codeville, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, Subversion and Tla repositories.

Choosing a Distributed Version Control System

by sdaclin
Bazaar, Hg (Mercurial) ou Git sont-ils les dignes successeurs de SVN et CVS ? C'est ce que Dave DRIBIN compare dans son blog.


Streamed Lines: Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development

by nhoizey & 3 others
Most software version control systems provide mechanisms for branching into multiple lines of development and merging source code from one development line into another. However, the techniques, policies and guidelines for using these mechanisms are often misapplied or not fully understood. This is unfortunate, since the use or misuse of branching and merging can make or break a parallel software development project. Streamed Lines is a pattern language for organizing related lines of development into appropriately diverging and converging streams of source code changes.


Antmod - Modular Build, Versioning and Release System

by Regis & 1 other (via)
Antmod is a Java and Ant based tool for: 1. Build Management: * Antmod plugins help you speed-up java development * Share build files across projects in a consistent way 2. Release Management: * Release descriptors describe your projects * Versioning is standardized across projects * Modularize your software development process 3. Repository Management: * CVS or Subversion repositories are accessible easily and consistently

by springnet & 30 others
The goal of the Subversion project is to build a version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community. The software is released under an Apache/BSD-style open source license.

Version Control System

by Rik
Based on server configuration, it prompts for password. You must enter the password you use to login via ssh. Once you are authenticated, it checks out the code from the Subversion repository.

by Regis & 8 others
Collaborative development environment

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