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Geek and Hype

by pickupjojo (via)
Since 2007, Geek&Hype is a French based online magazine about trends and high-tech. It is now a reference on luxury and new technology vogues, always focusing on aesthetic and luxurious products.


by walfootbmk & 1 other (via)
hype-diss.. like digg but more for style and tech stuff


by pionsat
ShareYourLook is an online community for fashion addicts, trendsetters, shoppers, and designers from around the world to share looks and ideas about personal style. See how people in Tokyo, Stockholm, or Idaho are putting their own spin on the latest trends. Discover what men and women in London and New York are coveting this season. Best of all, discover how other people’s style can influence your look. ShareYourLook is designed to inspire and inform, so we encourage helpful comments and thoughtful critiques. Now go ahead, post your looks and let the world see your style!

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