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Implementing strcmp, strlen, and strstr using SSE 4.2 instructions -

by sylvainulg (via)
Did you know operand2 = "You Drive Me Mad", operand1 = "aeiouy" IntRes1 = 0110001010010010 ?


ontopology strings

by gpdimonderose
Heidegger Formulare la propria progetto è quando egli afferma: " Essere trasparenti. E 'anche in questo senso che Heidegger, afferma che "la Scienza e ontologica primaria ontical di scienza" (11). Questo è il motivo per cui egli sostiene che è Ontologia fondamentale, mentre la fisica o la biologia trattare con le autorità regionali, ontical domande, uno vale dire le questioni relative particolare entità. Tuttavia, poiché l'Essere di Tali entità non sia stato fino a diventare trasparente l'avvento di Ontologia fenomenologica universale, la scienza deve Essere subordinata alla filosofia (in Heidegger idegger

Scientists create first electronic quantum processor

by gpdimonderose
consider extensions of the standard model based on open strings ending on D-branes, with gauge bosons due to strings attached to stacks of D-branes and chiral matter due to strings stretching between intersecting D-branes. Assuming that the fundamental string mass scale is in the TeV range and the theory is weakly coupled, we discuss possible signals of string physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In previous works, direct channel excitations of Regge recurrences in parton-parton scattering supplied the outstanding new signature. The present work considers the deviation from standard model expectations for the 4-fermion processes qq→qq and qq′→qq′, in which the s-channel excitation of string resonances is absent. In this case, we find that Kaluza-Klein recurrences at masses somewhat less than the strin string theory. topologies


Guitar Strings

by bl100bec
reviews and recent news. information on guitar strings.



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