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January 2008

Clan du Néon - le blog !

by kruty & 3 others
es enseignes lumineuses qui gâchent de l'électricité et nous imposent de la publicité indésirable. Des actions non-violentes initiées pour lutter contre la pollution lumineuse parisienne qui nous empêche de voir les étoiles !


by greut
Street knitters

November 2007


by keusta & 3 others
Urban Culture, Amazing Architecture, Green Design and Subversive Street Art :: forum :: graffiti street art posters stickers stencils

by sbrothier (via)
THE FAITH OF GRAFFITI photography by Mervyn Kurlansky & Jon Naar text by Norman Mailer edited in 1974 by Praeger Publishers ISBN : 0275716100 96 pages still on sale ( but very used and expensive ) HERE

October 2007


by keusta & 1 other
Ou comment transformer des bouches d'égouts en cartoon

September 2007


by keusta
Strategies for urban living through negation, detournement and self-inflicted panic

August 2007

June 2007

Benetti Photo

by smvisuals
The photographic works of the legendary Benetti. Portraiture, Fashions, documentary works.

May 2007

Howto: Google Maps Street View outside US

by fastclemmy
Google is making excessive use of their GeoIP database these days to test new features in a limited area of their choice. Now they decided to only let users from the US use the street view option in Google Maps. If you live in another country, you'd actually have to wait until Google releases the feature worldwide or use a proxy from inside the states. There's another way to avoid Google's IP filter though.

April 2007

1998 Supra Toyota tuning,Titan Street!

by twentybmx
With the reputation every greater time of the Motorsports titan and its class of the tire of the Supra street, was only one question of time before a model street-espec. it was make to lead daily.

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