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04 December 2010 22:15 the best college radio stations | Map (78 stations as of 11-3-2010)

by garret
Selection criteria: • Must be non-commercial • Must be affiliated with a college/university and be (mostly) student run • Must have a full schedule of freeform programming • Must broadcast a live, high-quality .mp3 or .ogg stream On a Mac? Here's how to load all 78 stations in iTunes 1. Click on the link: download the full playlist 2. Save the m3u file to the desktop 3. In iTunes: click on the plus sign to create a new playlist (name it whatever you like) 4. Drag the m3u file to itunes

24 November 2010 07:00

Tracks on a Map | Listen to Soundcloud tracks from around the world

by garret
On Tracks on a Map you can listen to SoundCloud tracks from around the world from any genre. Just click a city to start the fun!

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