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MPEG-DASH vs. Apple HLS vs. Microsoft Smooth Streaming vs. Adobe HDS - bitcodin Video Encoding Service

by srcmax
All existing adaptive HTTP streaming technologies, such as the proprietary Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS), and the only international standardized solution MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) follow nearly the same principle.


HTTP Live Streaming Resources - Apple Developer

by srcmax
Send live or pre-recorded audio and video to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac using an ordinary web server. Designed for mobility, HTTP Live Streaming can dynamically adjust movie playback quality to match the available speed of wired or wireless networks. HTTP Live Streaming is great for delivering streaming media to an iOS app or HTML5-based website. Features HLS - HTTP Live Streaming Definitive Guide | Encoding Features

by srcmax & 1 other
HLS (HTTP Live Streaming): An Emerging Standard in Adaptive Bitrate Video



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