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20 February 2008 07:15

Songza | music search engine

by garret & 27 others, 3 comments
"The site, which was a Crunchies finalist in the "best design" category, announced that as of January 17th its library has grown to 28 million songs. The additional songs were added via partnerships with Seeqpod and Skreemr. Any song found on Seeqpod or Skreemr, can now be streamed on Songza."

18 February 2008 06:30

SoundPedia | Search Engine/Music Discovery Community

by garret & 5 others
Listen to full tracks of many albums. Share playlists. Local artist and concert info.

16 February 2008 05:30

Songerize | Song search engine

by garret & 1 other
Search by song name and artist. Powered by Seeqpod, which is probably more useful, except when you are in a hurry to hear one song. Doesn't let you download tracks.

24 January 2008 00:45

SeeqPod | Playable Search - Find. Discover. Watch. Listen. Share.

by garret & 9 others
Seeqpod offers a fast way too search for mp3's, and videos for any artist. Add what you like from the results to a playlist that you play, save and share.

22 January 2008 08:00

22 January 2008 07:30


by garret & 1 other (via)
"Ezmo makes it easy for you to upload your entire music collection to the web, legally, and share it with up to ten friends or family members. In return, you can also share the music that they upload to the service. This gives you a potentially huge jukebox of music that you can access anywhere you have a web connection." []

21 January 2008 20:00

Jango - Social Internet Radio

by garret & 3 others
"Like and Pandora, Jango immediately creates a personalized radio station with songs by similar artists...But unlike the case with many of these other services, it's super easy to tailor your station—if you don't want to hear a particular artist, click the trash can icon; if you hate a particular song, rate it with a sad face and it'll never play again; if you want to add another main artist around which the station will be built, click "edit station", then enter the name of the artist." [Digital Noise]

11 September 2007 20:15

Slacker | Personalized Internet Radio

by garret & 2 others
Similar to and Pandora. Slacker will have its own portable device and satellite car dock allowing mobile access.

18 August 2007 03:45

JiwaMusic | Make and listen to playlists

by garret & 5 others
“With JiwaMusic you can search and listen to your favorite tunes, create and share your playlists... "

06 June 2007 08:45 | music store (stream, buy, trade, download, sync)

by garret & 7 others
Lala lets you stream some full albums as well as upload your music allowing you to access it anytime you have an internet connection. You can also sync your music to an iPod.

29 April 2007 08:45

Yottamusic | R.I.P.

by garret
Yottamusic is (was) an amazingly useful and well thought out alternate UI for Rhapsody. At the end of 2007 Rhapsody pulled the plug on the API it used. Lets hope Yottamusic's innovative UI will be come back in something else as equally brilliant.

30 January 2007 07:00 | Online Music Storage

by garret & 30 others
"Backup, Sync and Listen to Your Digital Music Collection with an Oboe Locker at

22 January 2007 02:00


by garret & 13 others
Similar to and Pandora, you type in an artist's name and finetune will play full tracks from that artist. You can tag music and as well as create and share playlists.

18 June 2006 04:45

Pandora | streaming music service

by garret & 47 others
Similar to, Pandora lets you create custom radio stations by entering a song or artist that you like, and Pandora responds by playing songs it thinks are musically similar. You can guide Pandora by approving or disapproving of the songs it plays, and the system takes this into account for future selections.

14 April 2006 05:45 | streaming music service

by garret & 177 others
Type in an artist you like and creates a "station" that plays music similar to it that others have liked. Once you have played enough artists, will let you know who your musical neighbors are. You can listen to their "stations" for free. If you sign up (for a small monthly fee) you can play your personal "radio" or your tagged items. Great for discovering new music, and also keep track of hard to find artists by tagging them.