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February 2006

January 2006

Enemy Nations - The Best Game you Never Played

by micah & 2 others (via)
Windward Studios have decided to release what has been described by some as the most brilliant strategy game ever. I haven't played many games lately, but I may have to stop back and check this one out...

December 2005

UX Magazine

by mauriz & 13 others
Brand new online magazine

November 2005

October 2005


by kieth & 1 other (via)
藍海策略的分析工具, 四項行動架構


by xhsieh2 & 1 other
藍海策略的分析工具, 四項行動架構

IDEO: The 10 Faces of Innovation

by imran & 2 others
"Meet the personality types it takes to keep creativity thriving - and the devil's advocate at bay"

What Is Web 2.0

by imran & 34 others
Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software

September 2005

The Technology Suits

by monstershp
Technology Suits offers a lighthearted insight into the news items and topics being discussed on the business side of things, in industry only groups and private membership boards.

August 2005

When Free is the Right Strategy :: AO

by tsalon
Three good reasons for giving things away are 1) to build a large network; 2) to establish a standard; 3) to establish a prospect base

July 2005

June 2005

Springwise: Instant inspiration from the world's best new business ideas

by Sheino & 10 others
World's leading source for promising new business ideas, concepts and innovations.


by Sheino
Home of firestarters in the genesis of authentic and radical new concepts, methods and ideas. Creating momentum for effective product and business development

April 2005

Modern Marketing - Collaborate Marketing Services

by Sheino
James Cherkoff is a Director of Collaborate Marketing, an independent consultancy in London. James helps companies to plan and execute marketing strategies in-synch with the new environment.