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3 Little-Known Social Media Misconceptions that Can Destroy Your Marketing Strategy

by Teulliac
Success in social media has more to do with the underlying principles, and less with the visible tools or tactics used. So it's easy to get the wrong idea or impression being on the outside, looking in. But the problem with misconceptions is that they give you a false belief, and waste your resources. Instead, your limited time, energy and money should have been spent on other methods. Here are 3 social media misconceptions that can destroy your marketing strategy.




Sea Battle :: Games-Entertainment::Strategy-War Games :: Free Software Download Site

by webzf & 1 other
You SUNK my ship! Familiar words from years gone by. This game of Sea Battle is an exercise in Windows32 programming. Now you can play this favorite against your computer. Position your ships on a 10 by 10 grid and let the game begin. The size of the prog

Internet Marketing Guide

by Aaron Pratt & 2 others
Internet Marketing Guide reviews tools, strategy and budget SEO.

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