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December 2006

Understanding The DVD Drive

by kromakirk
Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper The CD was first introduced into the world by Phillips and the Sony corporation and was to replace the LP.It started rather badly butin 1995 there was a standard being set for the dvd Cdrom have been around awhile,but as the ...

November 2005

Slashdot | Dealing with Digital Music and Vendor Lock-In?

by multilinko (via)
Buying and using digital music is a far from easy decision today - there are various competing and incompatible formats, stores and players out there in the market, primarily Apple (AAC + iTunes + iPod), Windows (WMA + various stores + WMA-compatible players), and Sony (Atrac3 + + Walkman). How do you then ensure that the music and player you buy today will not be incompatible with your player, online store or the OS?

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